What are the materials and tools needed to make mooncakes?

2024-05-26 20:57:39 admin

The materials and tools required to make mooncakes vary depending on the type and style of mooncake. Here are some common materials and tools:

1、 Material:

1. Cake crust: Depending on the type of mooncake, different crust materials may be required. For example, the crust of Cantonese mooncakes usually includes flour, syrup, peanut oil, and water. The crust of fresh meat mooncakes includes high gluten flour, sugar, salt, lard (or butter), and water.

2. Filling: The filling for mooncakes can be various, including bean paste, lotus seed, winter seed, five kernels, salted egg yolks, etc. For fresh meat mooncakes, it is also necessary to prepare minced meat, salt, sugar, light soy sauce, oyster sauce, ginger powder, cooking wine, eggs, and sesame oil.

3. Egg: Used to brush on the surface of mooncakes, it can give mooncakes a golden appearance after baking.

2、 Tools:

1. Mold: Mold is the core tool for making mooncakes, which can be used to shape mooncakes of different shapes and sizes. Common molds include circular, square, flower shaped, etc.

2. Baking tray: Baking tray is an essential equipment for baking mooncakes, and there are two common types of baking trays on the market: iron and stainless steel.

3. Oven: Used for baking mooncakes, different sizes and functions of ovens can be selected according to needs.

4. Manual egg beater: used to stir liquid materials such as syrup and alkaline water.

5. Rolling pin: used to make mooncake skin, rolling the dough into thin slices.

6. Plastic cutter: used for cutting pastry skins and fillings.

7. Silicone scraper: used for flipping materials to ensure even mixing.

8. Electronic scale: used to measure the weight and weight of ingredients, ensuring accurate proportions of materials during the production process.

9. Bowl: used for mixing materials, stainless steel material can be selected for easy cleaning.

10. Wool brush: used to brush egg liquid on the surface of mooncakes, easier to operate than silicone brush.

11. Insulated gloves: used for handling baking trays to avoid burns.

12. Bottom tray: used to package mooncakes and protect them from deformation.

13. Food deoxidizer: can extend the shelf life of mooncakes.

14. Packaging bag and sealing machine: used to package mooncakes, making them more beautiful and easy to store.

Please note that the above are only some basic materials and tools that may be needed when making mooncakes, which may need to be adjusted according to the type of mooncake and personal preferences.